Heiter bis Wolkig - Manifest - Doppel LP
  • Heiter bis Wolkig - Manifest - Doppel LP

Heiter bis Wolkig - Manifest - Doppel LP


Punkrock OperA in drei Akten - mit Büchlein anbei

The party is over!

Since their start in the mid oft the 1980ies the german punkrock comedians Heiter bis Wolkig are performing their special music theatre work in the sense of fun guerilla activities. Their german spoken songs advanced to punk underground scene hits in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

But now the local party is over!

From now on the hewns oft the bedrock of german cabaret punk are expanding into the english spoken zombielands and hit a massive hammer throw into the international arena of rock music with their brand new concept album called punk manifesto.

What do you need, when nobody got it yet? A Kick IN the arse UP to your Ears!

The Cologne based punk protagonists deliver a powerful composed concept album – a magniloquent peace of art – music full of anger – audible in extasy - associative - fragmentary -  deconstructed – without a classic plot – completely DIY- and they have still not arrived in the moloch of major mainstream music.

Forever Punk!

Instead of a world full of plastic and bubble gum culture, in a time of absolute consuming and digital madness the HbW guys submit songs against the neo-liberal und totalitarian Zeitgeist and try to build up new musical utopias.

I act one the elegiac opener Forever Punk hymnally adresses the Heiter bis Wolkig-specific zombieland-theme. Angry and powerful songs like barbarian, no nation und do care critically reflect modern appearances of political culture.

In act two art figure PAN takes us to his cynical and satirical journey through the low-level jungle